Dadi (David) Hanoch

Dadi is a Home Land Security expert with over 20 years of experience ranging from dignitary protection to aviation and diplomatic security.

After a 22 year career in the Israeli prime minister’s office serving in a variety of security and managing positions Dadi is bringing his expertise to the private sector.

Dadi started his career as a special agent in the Israeli dignitary protection unit and moved on to operational and management positions. After serving as Chief Instructor of the Israeli Dignitary Protection Unit, Dadi was posted overseas as the Security Manager of Israel’s Diplomatic Mission and Aviation in Cairo, Egypt and as the Security Manager of Israel Aviation in US West coast.

Dadi’s last position in the Prime minister’s office was head of branch, in charge of Direction and Regulation of Security overseas, Facilities and Diplomatic Missions.

Born and raised in Israel, Dadi served in the I.D.F – Israeli Defense Forces, as a Special Forces Sergeant in a Counter Terrorism unit.

Dadi holds BA degree in Logistics and Economics from Bar Ilan University, Israel.

Dadi hopes to bring his values, knowledge and expertise to the private sector.