Col. Itzhak (Izik) Elimelech is the R&D Attaché at the Embassy of Israel in Washington DC, U.S. As R&D Attaché, he is responsible for R&D as well as S&T cooperation between the United States and Israel. Col. Elimelech is also in charge of the promotion of mutual R&D agreements.

Col. Elimelech was born in Ashdod, Israel. In 1989 Col. Elimelech joined to “Givati” Brigade (Infantry), where he later on held various command assignments including platoon and company commander. Col. Elimelech took part in several combat deployments. In 1993 Col. Elimelech assigned to staff positions and for eleven years fulfilled various positions in the Ground Forces Command and was responsible for the development and fielding of weapon systems for the infantry corps.

During the years 1995-2006 Col Elimelech held various command assignments in a reserve division as Company and Battalion Commander in parallel to his staff positions.

In 2004 Col. Elimelech was assigned to the directorate of R&D in the Ministry Of Defense. For two years he held the position of head of the Anti Tank branch in the Aeronautical Division primarily dealing with advanced concept missiles. Between 2005 and 2007 Col. Elimelech was the first DAP’s PEO (C4I) in the Ground Corps Command. In 2007 Colonel Elimelech assigned again to the Directorate of R&D in the Ministry Of Defense as the head the Land System Division. In this position, among other duties, Col Elimelech led the technological campaign against terror, specifically dealing with APS, Robotics Systems and IEDs.


1990 Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, Technion University Haifa, Israel.

2000 MBA in Business Management, Ben Gurion University, Israel.

2002 Graduate of the IDF Battalions Command Course.


  1. 1985 – 1989, study in Technion University, Mechanical Engineering.
  2. 1989 – 1993, Joined “Givati” Brigade – Various command assignments including platoon and Company Commander in the “Givati” Brigade.
  3. 1993 –1995, Head of Ammunition Section, Ground Forces Command.
  4. 1995 – 2000, Head of Anti-Tank Section, SPIKE’s PM, Ground Forces Command.
  5. 2000- 2001, Head of Planning and Budgeting Section, Ground Forces Command.
  6. 2001- 2004, Head of Infantry Branch, Ground Forces Command.
  7. 2004- 2005, Head of Anti Tank Branch, Aeronautical Systems Division, Israel Ministry of Defense /Directorate for Defense R&D.
  8. 2005 –2007, Head of C4I Program – DAP’s PEO, Ground Forces Command.
  9. 2007 –2010, Head of Land Systems Division, IMOD/DDR&D.