Chen Sarfati Halabi

Chen developed the “Negligence theory” based on his personal family medical negligence incidence.

This incidence changed the way he think about security and he is holding a big vision to spread his theory to create a much safer world.

This theory is holding the key for understanding the reasons for negligence incidence in all kind of industries: Healthcare, Food, Environmental protection and more. The reasons negligence incidences keep happening and the simple ways to minimize them and save money, pain and many human lives.

Chen is holding a Biomedical Engineering degree from the Technion, Haifa, and Executive MBA from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

He is holding a 15 years of experience in the Medical and Hi-Tech industry and published two articles in Ultrasound and Radiology famous international journals for clinical research he has made in Rambam medical center, Haifa.

Chen is a father to a 5 years old child name Yuval and he loves to play the piano.