Brian Singleton

Brian’s core experience is in defining and executing business strategy, operational structure, and building high performing cultures within digital technology environments. He has worked in everything from seed funded organizations to late stage firms; finding unique ways to integrate his skill sets within each organization.

He played a founding executive role in the launch, profitable growth, and exit of three different digital seed stage start-up companies producing more than $250 million in annual revenues, and completing exit sales, IPOs, international joint ventures. His success can be attributed to a unique blend of deep technology knowledge and business management expertise.

Brian has a history of producing differentiating, and disruptive innovations in bleeding edge technology environments; while simultaneously aligning teams of people which are dedicated to the business vision and greater mission of an organization.


* Innovation Management and R&D Process Optimization (Metrics Driven and Measurable)
* Digital Product Development (Experimental and R&D)
* Programmatic Advertising (RTB)
* Online Performance Marketing (CPA)
* Search Technology (Algorithms, Logic, Linguistics)
* Human Machine Interface (HMI)
* Connected Devices (IoT/IoE)