Boaz Dekel

Boaz Dekel, a multimedia technology maverick, specializing for the last 20 years in Personalized Multimedia Content is an entrepreneur who understood that the world was moving towards personalization. From this, his vision was created and he has spent that last 17 years developing platforms enabled to creating personalized content.

Today, his vision is seen in the hands of every individual whom operates a Smartphone, tablet and laptop. Boaz is considered to be one of the most experienced specialists of personalized content.

Although Boaz was born and raised in Tel Aviv, his unique technology was developed in the Unites States. He specializes in audio engineering, and enjoys both professionally and personally being a musician who plays over 7 different instruments.

Between 1980-1983, Boaz trained at CBE- Broadcasting Institute in San Francisco, CA. Between 1985-1990, he founded and established the largest Audio post-operation in Tel Aviv, and is the producer and director of hundreds of commercials.

In 1990, Boaz developed the company “Song as a Gift”, which enabled him to write, produce, and record thousands of custom songs according to the customers’ requests. From 1996-1999, he founded DDI, a company which developed a platform enabled to create personalized multimedia clips.

Boaz then provided consulting services from 2001-2005 on several international multimedia projects, with one being “Jamba”, a German based company focused on cellular apps. In 2009 he founded ClipMix, a company which developed a platform enabled to create fully personalized video clips, which has brought him to where he is at today.

VideoByte is an American company which is already active in several fields within the multimedia arena. This revolutionary platform generates rich, personalized media messages to be used as invitations, in commercials, marketing campaigns, social networks and more. Every customer today is carrying a platform enabled to receive personalized content. Boaz Dekel and his team have developed the technology and several byproducts that have revolutionize the way we personalize.