Benzy Shiftan

Benzy Shiftan, Esq., Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, has extensive entrepreneurship, investment and founding of Israeli high-tech ventures, business and development experience. He has co-founded, invested and co-managed various successful companies and high-tech ventures, in Homeland Security, Cleantech and Internet-mobile start-ups, and involved in many entrepreneurships, M&A and private placement transactions for Israeli high-tech companies.

Benzy hold the rank of Major. (Res.) in the IDF, and since Sep. 11th 2001 joined as Co-Founder and first investor to develop this critical technology for Homeland Security, which led to TraceTech Security’s proprietary technology.

TraceTech Security Ltd.’s mission is to become the prime supplier of automation collection solutions for the explosive detection market, a rapidly expanding segment of the Homeland Security (HLS) market.

TraceTech systems are geared to improve the screening and detection of explosives, narcotics, biological contaminants and other illicit substances and are targeted to meet the needs of airport, aviation and other security agencies worldwide as well as any organization requiring explosive and other substance detection, such as embassies, army/police bases, protected facilities and buildings. TraceTech’s technology allows for the rapid and precise detection of any type of explosive, whether in solid or liquid form. Nowadays, ISIS, Al–Qaida and other terror threats arising strong demand for TraceTech’s technology, and the company is in process to raise the funds needed to expand its operations.

Before that, Benzy worked as a lawyer and legal advisor of leading businesses, and has over 25 years broad experience of extensive business and technology development.

Benzy brings leadership and experience in high management levels, multidisciplinary in skills and education, with high mission and task orientation.

Benzy holds an LLB. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI), and earned along the years diverse courses in economy and business, military and security, and high-tech management. Benzy is second/third generation of Holocaust victims and survivors families from Germany, and is leading a NGO named “Historic Justice” with breakthrough discovery of unknown archives including dramatic records of Holocaust victims and their enormous confiscated assets. Benzy and the NGO are looking to raise the funds and support to enable the NGO fulfil its sacred mission.