Baruch Gotlib

During more than 25 years Baruch Gotlib held varied senior positions in the Israeli Ministry of Defense. The experience and the knowledge¬†accumulated in those years used him after the retirement from MOD at 2009, to establish a “Best Practice” consulting firm.

At the same time, he founded other company in Explosives Safety field, which was sold recently

Professional highlights include the following:

CEO & founder at “Best Practice” consulting company, dedicated to provide consulting services to companies and organizations in Defense and HLS sector in the field of business development, decision-making processes, management and pricing modelling and economic analyses.

Until his retirement, for 3 years Baruch served as Deputy to Chief Economic Adviser to MOD. His main mission was to manage a comprehensive expenditure-cutting program of the Ministry and the IDF, with assistance “McKinsey & Company” consulting firm.

Before this position, for 19 years Baruch served as a Manager of the Procurement and Budgets Division and the Deputy Head of the MOD’s Special Projects Department.

For 4 years prior to that, Baruch served as a Head of finance department in the Project Management Team of the air fighter development program “Lavi”, until its closure,

Prior to those roles in the Ministry of Defense, Baruch worked 2 years as an economist in the small consulting firm and served 2 years as a parole and detective officer in Jaffa Police district.

Baruch holds B.A. degree in Economics from the Tel Aviv University and M.A. degree in National Security Political Science from the Haifa University. Baruch also finished I.D.F. National Security College.

Baruch is married and have three grown sons. He lives in Givataim. At his spare time, he enjoys sport activities, reading books, traveling and occasionally short stories and poems writing.