Avshalom (Avi) Shavit

Based on his 25 years of experience, industry deep-rooted recognition, and personal well-established networking, Avi Shavit is the Head of Cyber and Homeland Security Research Activities at the Chief Scientist Office (CSO), Ministry of Economy. At the beginning of 2006 Mr. Shavit was nominated as the Israeli expert in the EU Program Committee Security Research.

Mr. Shavit was one of the leading experts in a special taskforce convened by the Prime Minister of Israel to formulate national plans that would place Israel among the top five countries leading the cyber field. This taskforce examined the components essential for Israel’s preparedness in cyberspace, as well as analyzing the national benefit with regard to the economic, academic and national security aspects.

In 2010 Mr. Shavit initiated a new Cyber research project (a consortium of 9 industrial organizations and 10 Academic researches) with a visionary approach, to develop a Multi Tiered technology for assessment, detection, analysis and understanding of computer attacks.

Mr. Shavit was also the Managing Director of VULCAN Program (Video Understanding Learning Content And Notification), a generic research consortium that consisted of 7 industrial members and 7 academic researches for security purposes. Previously Mr. Shavit served as Managing Director of another research program in the field of sensors, signal processing, and data fusion for security purposes. Mr. Shavit also serves as a security expert in the European Commission. His professional skills have spanned over the security, software, and communication landscapes.

Mr. Shavit has extensive experience in all aspects of software and communication product development, marketing, and business development. His background started in the Israeli Air Force, where he was responsible for developing C3I systems and other sophisticated solutions of computer security. Several systems Mr. Shavit was involved in developing received rewards, including the highest rank of Israeli Security Reward given by the Israeli President.

Mr. Shavit also served as a CTO in a VC specialized in Information Technology. To conclude this short BIO, Mr. Shavit’s business knowledge, together with his vast experience with due diligence (over 500 companies), provides him a unique perspective on the use of State-Of-The-Art technologies to produce affordable solutions in the Homeland security themes, particularly in the cyber arena.