Asaf Paz

Asaf Paz is a highly skilled, focused and ambitious entrepreneur.
After 3 years in Unit 8200, at the age of 21, Asaf co-founded WEBSEM, a digital marketing agency that he managed successfully for 11 years.
Some of his accomplishments during this time include being invited to speak at Google’s official events in Asia, Africa, Europe and the USA. Asaf was also chosen by TimeOut Magazine as one of the 33 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs.
During his time in WEBSEM Asaf obtained a B.A. in Internet Technologies from Bar-Ilan University and M.A. (Summa Cum Laude) in Philosophy, Information and Digital Culture from Tel Aviv University.
In 2015, with 35+ full-time employees, WEBSEM’s annual revenues exceeded $6 million. In 2016, Asaf sold WEBSEM to “Highlight Communications” and co-founded Qualimatch, an innovative recruiting platform for employees and companies.
Asaf is looking to make Qualimatch a billion dollar company that provides plenty of opportunities for job-seeker and companies across the globe.
After a successful POC in Israel, Qualimatch’s next step is to expand its operations to the US.
When he’s not working, Asaf is traveling with his family, running marathons, doing yoga, hitting the slopes, or watching Ted Talks.