Arik Tendler

Tendler is a partner and founder of Tenfold Group a company that offer to take low to mid tech companies into the American market providing funds, stratigic, structure, consulting, mgt and more.

With boundless drive and keen situational awareness, Arik Tendler’s expertise lies in identifying target segments, resolving logistical obstacles and bottlenecks, and generating demand through innovation — recognized for translating an Israeli-born commodity into an industry giant and game-changer within the United States. Born and raised in Israel, Tendler joined his father’s stone fabrication business after serving in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) in 1987. In just a few short years, he had grown the family business into an industry leader and the one of the largest champions of Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces in Israel. Realizing the untapped potential of the American consumer, Tendler took on the challenge of raising capital from angel investments to establish Caesarstone in the U.S. market.

Zero to a Hundred in 10 Years Flat

In 1999, Tendler opened a modest office in Los Angeles with just 2 employees and began the process of mapping the industry. With steady growth utilizing distribution networks and independent representatives, Arik propelled the company into new markets with extended reach and exposure. One milestone after another, Tendler consistently pushed the envelope to increase brand recognition and exposure starting with a loyal, nationwide network of over 4,000 certified fabricators network. More than 10,000 points of sale were achieved in the kitchen and bath dealer arena — eventually gaining experience and traction in “big box” dealers such as Lowes, IKEA and Costco. Caesarstone extended its stronghold by servicing over 40,000 architects and designers around the country. All sales channels were supported with a robust marketing and advertising operation — comprised of targeted print collateral, consumer and trade print ads, broadcast advertising and social media campaigns. Since introducing the quartz surface product segment, which has constantly grown and attracted its share of competitors such as LG and Dupont — Tendler has maintained consistent momentum by keeping the company one step ahead. Under his direction, U.S. sales have grown exponentially — branching out from it’s Los Angeles headquarters to major hub locations in San Diego, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, St. Louis, Seattle and New York. To date, Caesarstone employs over 150 people in the U.S. In 2011, Arik Tendler sold his shares to CaesarStone Israel which recently went public (CSTE).