Ariel Gabriel

After completing his time in the Israeli Air Force, Ariel Gabriel moved into a career in Software Development and Website Creation. Ariel has been heavily involved in the technology industry in Israel for the last 15 years. Selling technologies across the globe with a core focus on developing strong international relationships with customers and vendors. With his method of management being based on creativity, follow up and execution, Ariel quickly became a well-respected leader internationally in Data Center Purchasing. Having taught multiple courses on Product Management, Research and Development.

In 2013, Ariel was hired by Arbitech LLC becoming their Executive Vice President of Purchasing, moving him to the United States of America. Managing hundreds of millions of Dollars in annual revenue, hundreds of employees and involved across board from HR compliance, purchasing, management and overall growth of leadership, Ariel made a successful base for himself in sunny California. Enjoying the beach lifestyle, Ariel has made a home for himself in Corona Del Mar and a few years on has decided to move onto a new endeavor, being an Entrepreneur, investing in the data center technology business in North and South America. Now balancing his hard work ethic with his rejuvenating passions for surfing and golf Ariel has brought his company Gabriel Holdings Inc into the American market.

Working closely with partners across multiple continents Ariel strives to bring the best products and services to their clients both regionally and internationally. Ariel’s successes are no more evident then Gabriel Holdings Inc creating new jobs monthly, implementing new technologies with customers and bringing Israeli technologies to America. Being Israeli himself, Ariel is highly motivated to help introduce new technologies from Israel to the American market. Ariel and thus his company Gabriel Holding Inc are firm believers in giving back and are honored to be a part of stimulating the growth of other Israeli companies entering the American market.