Amir Inbar

Bio:Amir Inbar has held varied marketing and business development positions within several high technology companies over the last 15 years. The last one, being superDimension, which was later acquired by Covidien.

In 2007 Amir founded Mediclever Reimbursement Consultants, which manages end-to-end reimbursement projects for life-science companies, selling pharmaceuticals and medical technology products in the US and Europe.

With a chain of 30 experts throughout the US, Germany, France, Italy, the UK and Spain, Mediclever has consulted more than 130 clients worldwide, assisting them with their reimbursement strategy development and the establishment of specific codes, payment rates and favorable coverage policies.

Amir runs the reimbursement course at the Graduate Program of the School of Business of the College of Management, for MBA students with specialization in biomedical management. Amir holds a bachelor degree in Law and Economics from the Haifa University and an MBA from the Tel-Aviv University.