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The Merage Institute – Mayo Program is open to Fellowship candidates who are Israeli start-ups that are devloping viable innovative technologies striving to help the world in the Medical space.

Fellowships are granted for a duration of 12-36 months in which thay will collaborate with the Mayo Clinic resources to build make their innovation available to the public with emphasis on the US market.

Fellows will be supervised by a researcher at Mayo, while being integrated into the relevant research units or projects.

Fellows will have the opportunity to work on with leading practioners, researches and to be mentored and participate in publishing their work in journals or paper series that will be read by decision-makers at national and international levels.

The Fellowship aims to involve participants actively in the work and research of leading personal and the Mayo facility and personal resourses. It is not intended to primarily fund the completion of the research and/or devolopment to bring the product to the market.

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