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Evelyn Cadman

Evelyn Cadman

Owner and Principal Consultant

FDA Compliance Simplified

Class Overview

This module will primarily focus on U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations on importing food products into the US. We will discuss things to consider, steps to take and some specific regulations covering food product processing and labeling. These regulations affect conventional foods and beverages, medical foods, dietary supplements, new food ingredients and pet foods. There are also regulations important for food equipment manufactures as well as app developers to understand.



The links below lead to introductory information about some import regulations. Start with these brief blog posts:

Importing from FDA’s perspective

Importing from the perspective of Customs and Border Protection

Further explore the links on these pages that apply to your company and product.

FDA information: Importing Food Products into the United States

USDA information: Animal and Animal Product Import Information

Customs information: Importing food for commercial use


US Food Regulations

The links below lead to FDA webpages with many links that will prove important to your business.

FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition webpage

Overview of US Food Industry Regulations:

How to Start a Food Business

Food Labeling Guide

Overview of Dietary Supplements

Pet Food Regulations