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Lisa Barron

Lisa Barron

Senior Lecturer, Negotiations

The Paul Merage School of Business, UC Irvine

Class Overview

The purpose of this Module is to provide opportunities for participants to develop their negotiating abilities for use in organizational and other settings.
The Module is premised on the assumption that negotiating concepts are best learned through practice grounded in rigorous analysis and reflection. Theoretical principles and concepts from various reference disciplines (such as social psychology, sociology, and economics) will be presented through lectures and readings, with the focus primarily on improving practical skills through participation in simulations.

Participants will not only learn to enhance their individual abilities in dyadic and group situations, but also to analyze contexts for the most effective application of these skills.

Negotiation Curriculum:

  1. What is negotiation?
  2. What is a negotiation issue?
  3. Distributive vs. Integrative Negotiations
  4. Interests and Positions
    • explanation
    • exercises (these will involve generic situations)
    • wide application of interest and position concepts
  5. Additional negotiation concepts
    • Negotiation Issues
    • BATNA
    • Target
    • Reservation price
  6. How to prepare – introduction to the prep sheet
  7. Negotiation simulation
    • prepare in dyads
    • negotiate in dyads (privately)
    • group debrief
  8. “Informal” negotiations – how to use concepts in situations that don’t necessarily present as negotiations
  9. Advanced techniques for multiple-issue negotiations
  10. Questions, review, wrap-up