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45+ Winner: SensPD

There is a clear, unmet need for objective early diagnosis of autism since over 90% success in ingraining social skills can be realized if interventions are applied before the age of two. However, there is no solution for such diagnosis of autism.

SensPD, a software company in the digital health market, is the only one that offers a solution for early diagnosis of autism. SensPD developed software that interfaces with existing ear monitoring devices to diagnose autism in real-time.

Student Winner: Smart Air

SmartAir is the first personal device that collects disease-related information while monitoring environmental triggers in real time. The solution working cycle can be explained by four steps.

SmartAir utilizes machine learning as well as user's historical health record, in order to predict disease exacerbation. The device alerts users about personal exposure risks in real time, allowing them to take precautionary actions.