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About the Competition

The Merage W45 invites entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to a unique program with a 100K$ grant for the leading startup.

In the last couple of years, we have seen an increasing number of entrepreneurs over the age of 45, with rich backgrounds from leading companies, taking the next step in their career and turn to the startups arena.

While women are founding innovative startups more than ever before, yet only 10% of investor money worldwide goes to women-founded startups.

Our unique program is intended to encourage and support those entrepreneurs to develop unique ventures/technologies into a promising successful business.

Each of the finalists will receive personalized coaching to prepare them for the actual pitching competition as well as:

Access to workshops, knowledge sessions, networking events, mentoring and media exposure.

First prize:


For the best early-stage startup - Equity-free, no strings attached.

Second and Third prize:

Automatic acceptance into the prestigious Merage Institute Innovation Bridge Program in California.