Yuri Fayans

Yuri started programming at the age of 14, and launched his first online venture at the age of 17. After serving in the IDF, Yuri went studying economy at the Open University of Israel.

During that time Yuri started a game development studio, working with major Israeli companies and interactive agencies, including The Gertner Institute for Medical Innovation, developing remote rehabilitation games, and helping hundreds of patients.

In 2013 Yuri created an online animation platform that ended up being used by thousands of users and major companies in large scale marketing campaigns.

Later Yuri became fascinated with artificial-intelligence, and co-founded a natural language startup for travel and restaurant orders (before conversational interfaces were cool). After raising a seed and operating for 2 years, the startup merged with a consumer intelligence startup called Superfly Insights, where Yuri was the head of product, responsible of managing the data parsing team, generating market projections, and working directly with hedge-fund clients.

In 2018 Yuri co-founded Seekuence Labs to create an Ai platform for extracting behavioral insights directly from encrypted traffic (without decryption), and taking user, app and market intelligence to a new level.