Yossi Dan

As a Chief Innovation Officer at Challengy, Yossi Dan helps enterprises, territories and organizations to enable their next growth engines by setting-up Open Innovation projects with the Israeli startups; mostly in the FoodTech, Mobility and Smart City fields.
Consultant, trainer and speaker in both Strategy and Entrepreneurship, he lives in Israel for more than 25 years, after having lived, studied and worked in France, UK and USA.
He was a pioneer of the FoodTech ecosystem in Israel and since 2015, he co-organizes startup competitions, events and workshops to empower the founders and help them find their market fits and opportunities to shine abroad.
Prior to this work, his career took him through several challenges, including in Education (with the Jewish Agency in Paris, France), in technologic enterprises and in startups he co-founded.
Yossi enjoys travelling, discovering nature and meeting multicultural people, plays basketball and tennis, and love spending time with his family. No doubt that he is a citizen of the world in his soul and in his work, so you’ll find him anywhere leading people meet innovation without boundaries.