Yossi Biderman

Bio:Mr. Biderman an IDF (Res.) Col. 25 of years’ experience of command and leadership of field units, organizing large scale planning and executing plans.

As a senior executive with a fifteen year track record Mr. Biderman brings with him a record of inception and managing fledgling companies, creating growth for medium size established corporations and pioneering three start-up companies in the homeland security, communication and most recently the bio-tech field.

Mr. Biderman holds a Bachelor’s degree in statistics and economics from the Hebrew University and a BA with excellence in international relationships from the Tel Aviv University. Experienced in strategic forward-planning and operating within the tight financial disciplines. Well experienced in application of leadership methods.

Confident negotiator in diverse negotiations, some of which require different approaches to various problems

Chairman & CEO of SCS, a development stage company engaged in developing a passive non-invasive medical device for the early detection and diagnoses of skin cancer (Melanoma and Non Melanoma). Executed three rounds of private placements. Conducted two series of clinical trials. Results so far excellent. Chosen as one of 23 companies from 1000 applicants to represent Israeli innovative technologies at presidential “Facing Tomorrow” exhibition.

Director Business development of Communication Startup. Developed a communication start-up for smart antennas. Contracts with strategic partners for the deployment of the developed systems in several countries and on a classified project for the IDF.

Founder and CEO of Homeland Security startup Inception of Homeland Security start-up, to develop an Anti-Terrorist Activity detection system. Joint ventured with American company and transferred the operating prototype to the USA after proof of concept trials.

Community highlights – Voluntary Director Board member of an NGO, ILAN, its mission being to provide diversified aid for handicapped children as a result of birth brain damage.

This activity consists of fund raising activities, financial support for purchase of physical aids such as orthopedic electronic beds, wheelchairs, etc. Family days intended to allow the parents respite from their daily battles.