Yizhar Feldman

Yizhar Feldman has spent the past 19 years gaining experience in senior management positions, managing multiple teams and P&L projects. Born and raised with the humble and land-valuing principles of a kibbutz near the Sea of Galilee, Kibbutz Afikim, Yizhar completed his military service as a special forces officer in 2000 and moved into the tech scene, holding leadership roles in a variety of companies, amongst them: Bringg, Intel Sport, Replay Technologies, Netafim, Logic Industries, Electronics Line 3000, and AKT. Within these capacities, Yizhar gained vast experience managing experts, consultants, integration teams, software & application developers, as well as unique vendors while working closely with legal departments, procurement, finance and customer management teams.

Yizhar was recently brought in as CEO of SEAKURA, a pioneer in the field of sustainable marine agriculture in Israel. SEAKURA’s experts have developed an advanced technology that allows the growth of seaweed on land. Back to his early roots in agriculture, Yizhar is delighted to be leading SEAKURA in its chief mission to find a solution for the globally increasing demand for natural food supply, supplements, and cosmetics while protecting the environment.