Yaron Shapira

Yaron is the CEO of Tiidan, an online platform for international trade analysis and BI.

His 20 years career spans across multiple companies and disciplines.

Yaron started his career in the Israeli Air Force as software engineer. After he retired from the army he joined Mercury Interactive, one of the largest Israeli tech companies where he developed the CMDB, an advanced and smart BIG DATA platform for huge IT structures. After Mercury was acquired by HP for $4.5B he joined the founding team of Check.

Check enabled US consumers to pay their bills straight from their mobile devices. In Check Yaron was responsible for the payment system which processed over $1B of payments until Check was acquired by Intuit for $360M.

Yaron has B.Sc in computer science, B.A in economics and MBA majoring in marketing from Bar Ilan Uni in Israel.

Yaron lives in the Tel Aviv area, Israel with his wife and 6 kids. He likes to travel and watch sports with his family.