Yaki Harel

For the last 6 years since it was founded, Yaki is the CEO of Rafael’s Healthy & Tasty Ltd. Rafael’s is a clean label food company that have production lines for granola and energy snacks.

At Rafael’s, Yaki has built the company’s vision “Nutritious & Tasty Food Products Should Be Accessible To All”, executed it and gained recognition as one the few companies in Israel that truly serves “Clean Label” food products. About 2 years ago Yaki lead Rafael’s to develop a spread that will serve as a whole meal in a sandwich. It was done with a grant from the Israel Innovation Authority and it is patented. The spread now is at the “Go To Market” stage. Yaki has 25 years of experience in the food business from retail to manufacturing. He started his career in the food retail business where he planned, built and directed while working at Tiv Taam, the most advanced and innovative shop in the business at the time. Yaki has strong marketing capabilities and vision, mixed with innovation enthusiastic, the ability to execute and to build teams that work together.

Yaki was born in Turkey, made “Aliya” to Israel as a child. He studied Mathematics and Statistics at the Tel Aviv University and Marketing & Business Management at Recanati School of Management near Tel Aviv University.