Yair Miron

Yair holds over 10 years of R&D management, system architecture, and product management experience. He gained broad experience in business, tech and data analytics and managed Startups and big technological projects.
Yair has served as a commander in IDF (ranking major) for more than 6 years. During this time, Yair has acquired extensive experience in management of large teams and large scale governmental projects. Yair has received the Israel Defense Prize in honor of Eliyahu Golomb.
After his service. Yair managed complexed products in Cycurity, a major Business Intelligence company, and gained broad experience in consumerism and consumer habits research.
Yair has a degree in Law & Sociology, and MBA from Bar Ilan University. Yair has volunteered in the “Paamonim” organization and served as branch manager.
In the past 3 years, Yair teaches a weekly class on “Leadership and the foundation of liberal thoughts” in Bnei Zion, The Israeli Academy in Tel Aviv (Pre-military Academy “mehina”).
In his spare time, he likes to play Basketball, run marathons and hike.