Tzvi Jacobs

Tzvi is a man of vision, an initiator with creative approach and outstanding executable abilities. A happy husband and father of 3 (soon to be 4) wonderful kids. Mr. Jacobs is a member of senior Aeronautics management, Head of Aeronautics Flight Division and the UAS Academy, managing a multidisciplinary team of 100+ employees. Over 12 years in the company Mr. Jacobs filled key positions with brave and creative approach to technological and organizational challenges and has been an essential persona in the development of Aeronautics in all aspects.

His creative approach and vision are reflected as part of the leading development team of Orbiter3 UAS, a breakthrough product which basically created a new category in the UAS market, the Small Tactical UAS (STUAS). As an officer in the IAF, Mr. Jacobs developed important UAV operational methodologies which were conceptual breakthroughs in the IAF and were later implemented across other AFs. Mr. Jacobs is an active Pilot , Major (Res) of UAV Squadron in the IAF. Holds a B.A. degree in Accounting and Economics, from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and is a graduate of the KPMG’s Elite Accounting Excellence Program.