Terrence Yang

Terrence Yang is based in Anaheim and travels often to exotic locales for startup work, including Irvine, Pasadena, West L.A., Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

Terrence mentors and seed invests (including indirectly through VCs) in dozens of startups with traction and growth. His first angel investment was in the 1990s and he took a long break after the dot com crash.

Terrence is the main adviser, first investor and board director of Infobitt.

Wikipedia founder Larry Sanger founded Infobitt, which crowdsources quality information.

Terrence is a key adviser to ImageSearcher in L.A. ImageSearcher owns CamFind and Tap Tap See. CamFind is a top-rated iOS app that is the best in class for visual search. Tap Tap See adds great value to many vision challenged people.

Terrence is a 2013 Top Writer for Quora, primarily because of his writing on VC and angel investing. He is speaking 3 times just this month on startup investing to founders.

Before focusing on startups full time, Terrence was a Wall Street officer, financial innovator, deal manager, lawyer and salesperson.

Born in Los Angeles, Terrence attended public schools in L.A. and Orange County before earning a Bachelor of Science from USC. He holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School.