Tal Lapidot

Tal grew up and studied in Haifa, Israel. He received his undergraduate and Master’s degrees at the Technion (in Mechanical and Systems Engineering, respectively), as part of the IDF’s Academic Reserves program (“Atuda”). After completing his undergraduate studies, he served for six years as an officer in a special R&D unit that develops custom solutions for special operations soldiers. During that time, he gained extensive hands-on expertise in product development throughout the product lifecycle and eventually leading and initiating his own projects. Tal received two awards for creative ingenuity during his military service, and following his release continued to work as a Systems Engineer in an agriculture startup and afterward as a Project Manager in a medical device startup. He came up with the idea for FreshKeep during that time, from his frustration with the amount of food we were throwing out. He tried to find a shelf life extension product that would be easy enough to use regularly, even while holding his baby boy. However, everything available was either complicated or unwieldy. That search ended in an approved patent, a VC Seed investment, and a ten-person team that he has built over the past year, working on this full time.