Stan Stahl

Dr. Stahl is a pioneer in the field of information security, having entered the field in 1980. Earlier in his career he secured teleconferencing at the White House, databases inside Cheyenne Mountain and the communications network controlling our nuclear weapons arsenal.

Dr. Stahl excels at helping his clients develop and implement information security management strategies consistent with their unique information security responsibilities, their business realities and their cultural circumstances. He has that rare gift of being able to describe the complexities of information security in a way that makes sense to real-world non-technical business professionals.

Dr. Stahl’s unusual leadership and management capabilities was developed through a career filled with growth, innovation and achievement in the management of technology and its strategic integration into the organization. He has honed his craft not only through his extensive experience in the management of information security but also through his experiences (i) as COO of an online management education and training company, (ii) as a strategic management consultant specializing in business performance, (iii) a software engineer and research scientist in early secure computing and (iv) as a mathematics professor.

Dr. Stahl is also founder and President of Secure The Village, a non-profit whose mission is to develop and integrate information security learning communities. He is Past-President of the LA Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association and the architect of the Chapter’s It Takes the Village to Secure the Village SM Community Outreach Program.

During the Reagan administration, Dr. Stahl was invited to serve on a White House Presidential Task Force to recommend government strategies to better secure private-sector computer and communications systems. During that same period he was invited to serve on a National Information Security Study Group, a joint program of the National Security Agency and the Department of Commerce designed to determine national information security needs.

Dr. Stahl serves on the Board of Directors of the Content Delivery & Security Association; Governor Brown’s California Cybersecurity Task Force and the Board of Advisors of CyberCalifornia. He serves on the Industry Advisory Board of the Information Technology Program at the Viterbi School of Engineering at USC and the Advisory Board of UCLA Extension’s Emergency Management & Homeland Security and Enterprise Risk Management Programs.

Dr. Stahl speaks extensively about information security, both at conferences and at professional or civic associations. Together with David Lam, he co-authored the cyber security management section of the ASIS Protection of Assets Manual. He edits the firm’s weekly newsletter — the Cyber Security News of the Week and the Weekend Vulnerability and Patch Report — which is  emailed to nearly 20,000 people every week.

Dr. Stahl earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from The University of Michigan and spent nearly 15 years teaching university mathematics while doing fundamental research in the mathematics of computing.