Shai Melcer, Ph.D.

Bio:Shai Melcer has a rich, wide-range background, both academic and professional.

Shai has studied and practiced both Law and Biology, performed scientific research and headed several organizations, projects and ventures. At his current position, Shai utilizes government funds coupled with creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, a multi-disciplinary approach and excellent inter-personal relations to promote the Biomed industry in Jerusalem.

    Professional highlights include the following:

  • Director of the Meyerhoff Youth Center for Advanced Studies (NOAR SHOCHER MADA) in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Co-founder of the Hebrew University Biotechnology (HUB) center (aka BioGiv) that is now being established as Israel’s first real academy-based Biotech accelerator.
  • Teaching assistant in the Institute of Life Sciences at the Hebrew University – ETGAR excellence program for life-sciences undergraduate students.
  • Founder and chairman of MOACH – Hebrew University Teachers and Researchers Organization.
  • Vice chairman and chairman of the Hebrew University Teaching Assistant Staff Organization.
  • Hebrew University Senate member – experimental research student representative.
  • Attorney at Doron Lange Law Offices (head office, Jerusalem).
  • Senior member, in charge of Search-&-rescue and IAF liaisons, design team for the joint Trekking-Operations-Center of the Society for protection of Nature in Israel and the Ministry of Education.

Shai holds an LLB (1995) and LLM (2001) (civic / corporate law) from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Law School and a PhD (2013) in Genetics (cell and molecular biology) from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Science. He is also licensed by the Israeli Bar Association since 1999 and has a Mediator’s certification since 2002. Shai is also a member of the Jerusalem Forum for Bioethics and is interested in Biomed public policy.