Sami Hamoud

Deputy CEO and chief business developer of Merkaz Hamazon Ltd. – a leading grocery and retail chain in Israel.

Sami is second generation of the family business and although his young age he has extensive experience in the food industry.

With his work he became an expert importer in a verity of fields such as Food and houseware.                 

Sami is determined to make a change in the health culture in the family business through the two branches Yarka and Nazareth.

Since he is familiar with food innovations, he became responsible of developing new health department’s which has already a major record of successful Idea’s such as Workshops Proper nutrition for regular customers.

By serving 7 million costumers annually He came up with the idea that the family business should have more responsibility to the health of their consumer’s and his mission is To bring joy and relief to each customer diet plan and he will achieve it by introducing project Dr.M, which is a frozen diet plan personalized to every customer.

Sami is very dedicated to see this product on the shelf of the family business and then for local and export and possible distributors and strategic partners in the US.

Sami served in the I.D.F for four years and finished as a lieutenant rank, he also speaks three languages (Arabic, Hebrew, and English).