Ronen Simchi (B.G. Res.)

Mr. Simchi served in the Israeli Air Force (IAF) mainly in command positions for over 33 years. In 1986 he graduated the prestigious flight course as a fighter pilot (f-16). He has a proven track record in senior roles in the IAF. Moreover, he was the commander of the largest and most complex IAF- NEVATIM air base, integrating fighter jets, transport aircraft and intelligence arrays. During that position, he was managing the gearing projects towards the acceptance of the future combat airplane (F-35), and the actual acceptance of the new transport aircraft (C-130 J). Those projects have included the technological and infrastructure building and empowerment projects. 

Throughout the years 2013 until 2016, he served as the Israeli Defense attach for Singapore and Japan and had lived in Singapore with his family. In that position he was Initiating, leading and driving strategic defense, security and business activities on behalf of the Ministry of Defense and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). MR. Simchi has an impressive experience and performance in a challenging and dynamic global environment, excellent negotiation skills with senior decision makers in the public, private and government sectors.

Mr. Simchi holds a BA in Economics and Accounting, Business Administration | Haifa University and an MA in International Relations and Political Science, Graduated with Honors| Haifa University. Mr. Simchi was born in 1965, married to Liat and has four kids.