Roi Ravitz

Roi is strategist, a driven entrepreneur and business development specialist. He has profound business skills and understands values. Roi is multilingual, fluent in English, German, Italian and Hebrew, and he has a strong connection to European markets. 

Graduating Vienna Business University Roi spent few years as Investment specialist and then started a business and lead and developed it for 5 years, turning it to a strong and growing business with some 50 co-workers and stable revenues at high returns. 

In 2014 Roi co-founded VORTEX – a technology startup that specializes in developing virtual environments for various use cases. Being responsible for business development Roi helped turning VORTEX to a strong market player. He did this by making products better suit market needs, by determining marketing strategy and by setting up global strategic co-operations with complementary service providers and with anchor clients. 

Specialties: determining values, business development, marketing strategy, analyzing target markets, setting business co-operations, acquiring major clients, German speaking countries.