Orly Rapaport

Orly Rapaport is the CEO and co-founder of myFavorEats. myFavorEats applies artificial intelligence to transform linear text online food-recipes into smart entities and can then be instantly customized to user’s unique dietary preferences without compromising taste or texture.

Orly Rapaport brings 20 years of experience in leadership positions in global high-tech companies. Orly has extensive experience in initiating new software products, driving their evolution from vision to strategic planning, roadmap creation, development and commercial launch.

As VP of Product Strategy at Comverse, she was responsible for identifying and analyzing new domains, creating strategic partnerships, and driving product innovation.

Prior to co-founding MyFavorEats in 2017, Orly founded and was VP Product at a mobile health startup for remote patient monitoring.

As CEO of myFavorEats, Orly is responsible for setting the business strategy, overseeing technology and product development, and establishing relations with potential strategic partners.

Orly holds B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.