Omri Schanin

Omri Schanin, MBA, is the CEO & CO-Founder of Docomed. In 2009, joined the army to the naval officer’s academy. Had many insightful rolls and participated in 2 major operation as a second in command of a missile ship – Captain.  Finished the service, decided in joining the entrepreneurship world with a specialty in Life science (completion studies in biotech and MBA in Entrepreneurship and innovation). Raised 100K $ and developed a personalized pain management system in the first year of the company, aiming at reducing the “Opioid Crisis“ serious effects. As a youngster, always looked for a way to impact others. A consultant youth member at “Noam” – (Jewish conservative movement), basketball coach and a leading team player in couple of professionals Basketball teams, one of them in the second division.

These days, looking forward to scale up the company, getting a real valuable and meaningful impact on others.