Noam Shpalter

Adv. Noam Shpalter is a serial entrepreneur and established and initiated several projects in Israel and abroad.


Noam has an extensive experience in senior management and leading strategic business development processes domestic and international organizations.

He has many knowledge and expertise in creating business relationships, business development and marketing.

Noam is a senior lecturer for over 10 years, including in the academia and many private colleges, banks, investment houses and insurance companies.

He lectures in the fields of finance, securities law, economics, directors and management courses.

So far, Noam has published four textbooks in finance, Security Analysis, economics, company and securities law, and even had a weekly economic radio show.

 Professional highlights include the following:

Noam was the CEO of a private medical plastic surgery and aesthetic center, where he was in charge of the strategic and marketing plans and the re-organization of the center.

Noam was a board member and the CBDO in ACONSt tRADING tECHNOLOGIES, a technology company specializing in the development of automated trading systems and advanced tools for risk management.

For 7 years, Noam was the co-founder and CEO of Orin-Shpalter Finance Education group. He was in charge of the Business development and marketing. The group owns and operates a leading private college in Israel with more than 10 branches and 2,500 students a year. Under his management, the group bought and merged several local schools and colleges and developed a leading on-line study website with thousands of video hours, in the fields of economics, finance, accounting, securities analysis, insurance and law.

 Noam holds an MBA and a BA in Business administration, LLb in commercial and company’s law and is a qualified mediator.

 Noam is a reserve Captain in the IDF, serving in the Home Front Command HQ.