Noah Satat

Noah Satat, served as BirdsVision’s CEO between 2009-2015 and currently is BirdsVision’s President.
Since 1981 to date, Noah was operating and training personnel on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAVs), both in his IDF service (Major, res.) and as the CEO of Barnhoam and Co. Ltd. For many years Noah managed training courses around the world on behalf of the Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI). For five years (2004-2009) Noah was the marketing manager of Ham-Let Israel Canada managing its 12 overseas offices.
Ham-Let is an Israeli based company manufacturing stainless steel fittings and valves. Most of its products (approx. 97%) are exported.
In 2009, together with Dr. Ofer Bahat, BirdsVision was established. BirdsVision is manufacturing systems that detect and deter large birds from energy infrastructures, mostly wind farms. BirdsVision’s systems are currently deployed successfully in several wind farms across the US. Noah is also a professional nature photographer and ornithologist.