Nissim Nissimyan

Mr. Nissimyan has played a role in shaping the future of telecommunications in Israel as a founder and manager of multiple successful ventures. He has been quoted in both the US and Israeli press for an evolution in tailored connectivity solutions. After completing degrees in both Israel and the US, Nissim acquired his technical foundation at leading R&D firms in the US. For a decade and a half, Nissim specialized in control systems that transcended the hardware and software spectrums.

Nissim’s skills in management were gained by increasingly senior leadership roles and direct personnel responsibility in the US.

Upon his return to Israel in 1994, Nissim launched his entrepreneurial career. His technical and management acumen propelled him to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of equipment and technology for IP telephony gateways that bring together cellphone and landline. Nissim acquired the competencies and experience to build big businesses having employed 160 technical personnel and contracting with industry leaders such as Motorola and Telefonica. Nissim understands the needs of both provider and service recipient.

Mr. Nissimyan holds a B.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Los Angeles, with honors, and Technion Institute of Technology.