Meir Hayun

Meir Hayun has more than 14 years of experience in Cybercrimes. He is the head of the National Cybercrime unit at the Israeli Police Force. Meir has joined the computer Crime squad of Israeli Police in the year 2000. He led investigations teams for 8 years and conducted some of the most sophisticated cybercrimes investigations at that time.In 2008 he established the cyber branch at the Sigint division (signal intelligence), while developing unique tools and methods of work.

Since 2013, Meir has been leading the new National Cybercrime Unit. The unit is responsible for the most significant cybercrimes investigations in Israel; Offenses that threaten critical infrastructure or have a potentially widespread damage and Cybercrimes that require time, resources, expertise and sophisticated means. Meir is a lawyer (LL.B) and holds a Bachelor degree in accounting from HA- Michlala Leminhal. He also holds an M.B.A from the Tel- Aviv university Recanati business school.