Lee Levy Eldar

Lee Levy Eldar is the vice president marketing and business development of Mycolivia Medicinal Mushrooms Ltd. Mycolivia (www.mycolivia.com) was established in 2010 in Israel with the main purpose of developing natural medicinal mushroom based products in order to enhance the immune system especially for cancer patients. Based in Israel Lee is responsible for developing marketing strategies in order to educate public opinion leaders with the benefits of using unique medicinal mushrooms in different formulations for wellness and relief to various diseases. Lee is also responsible for developing new business opportunities in worldwide market. Lee’s vision is to add an innovative and young-creative spirit to the company and products in order to deliver years of research and knowledge to the mass market. 

Lee has been recruited to her present position following 8 years at Intel Israel as the community engagement manager, awarded with outstanding recognitions. Lee has served in the IDF as a captain at the paratroopers’ battalion. Lee holds an MBA and BA diplomas from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, majoring in Marketing and Human resources.