Keren Shechner

Keren Shechner is an Industrial engineer, a business development manager and co-founder of Growee – an Israeli Agtech startup company that is developing a fully automated hydroponic system that allows anyone to grow any plant using hydroponic in a press of a button. Keren served in the Israeli army as an athletic instructor and was in charge of over 160 soldiers. Keren worked in direct sales around the world and speaks both Spanish and English fluently. After graduating her BSc in Industrial engineering Keren started working in high tech companies, At Matomy Keren worked as an account manager, managing big clients activity and online marketing campaigns, performing upsell and analyzing campaigns performance. Later on at 888 holding Keren worked as a campaign manager in charge of massive marketing campaigns worth millions of dollars. Being a hydroponic enthusiast, Keren and her husband decided to build an automated device that will help grow organic food using hydroponics as a side project. The company won several international innovation competitions and started a new and exciting career path for Keren as business development manager at Growee. Her mission is to help everyone to grow organic food at home in a click with hydroponic growing method.