Itai Nakash

Itai is a self-driven and passionate business development manager who is proud of his role in creating better business environment and opportunities for SAN Ltd in addition to being proud of his family that supports him to push forward and fulfill his dreams.  

 Mr. Nakash has graduated with honors B.A in economies and business at Haifa University and over the last 3 years established SAN’s global presence as the leading solution for tactical breaching starting from scratch, as you can understand Itai thrives in environments that challenge him and enables him to lead, create, analyze, learn and make the best use out of his skills and professional experience, in order to lead the company to success. 

Mr. Nakash brings forward comprehensive marketing, operations, negotiations skills and extensive business network, as he also operates as a policy and business development manager at the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel (MAI) under the division of foreign trade and international relations, that is why Itai can offer a unique perspective on how to revitalize a business and facilitate its growth to the next level.