Inbal Miron

Inbal Miron-Bershteyn is the co-founder and CEO of Kidkedoo, the developer of Wikids, the encyclopedia that talks with kids. She strives to make knowledge accessible to young children and provide them with tools for personal development and independent learning by making knowledge accessible to them.

With over 17 years of experience in senior product management positions in leading international organizations in diverse verticals (Gaming, Forex, e-commerce, web, mobile, B2b, B2C), and as Product consultant she has lectured in leading product summits in Israel (ProductX conventions and UXI annum summit) and participated in Google Campus for Moms.

Inbal was chosen to be 1 of 10 women founders in Europe in 2015 (Girls in Tech -Ladies Pitch Night- Paris).

Inbal holds a BA degree in Social Sciences from the Open University- Israel and is also certified in architecture and interior design. She is a member of SOSA’s Women’s Founders’ Forum, a volunteer in “Sodkot – Cracking the glass ceiling”, and a mentor in LeadWith (women leading tech) and Product League (mentoring junior product managers).