Haim Engler

Bio:As a serial entrepreneur Mr. Engler has vast experience with building startups from the idea stage, through fund raising, product development, creating distribution channels, sales, support, and exits. Mr. Engler is a hands-on professional which has led teams in fields of wireless communication systems, command and control systems, real-time products, encryption, surveillance cameras, Internet and mobile applications.

As a co-founder / CTO / VP R&D of infoPager Technologies, Mr. Engler was responsible for a large development team implementing a complex electronic publishing solution. He was responsible for closing technology deals with major international corporations such as Reuters, HP, Marubeni (Japan) and others, and eventually sold infoPager to a Korean company.

As a co-founder / CTO / VP R&D of Code Red Systems, Mr. Engler was responsible for implementing several products for the WiFi world, including a control system for thousands of WiFi hotspots and a WiFi anti-bridging product for mobile computers.

Mr. Engler holds a double B.Sc in Computer Engineering and in Electronic Engineering from the Jerusalem College of Technology and currently serves as an independent consultant in various project management roles and business development roles for leading Israeli companies.