Hadas Nudler Israeli

Hadas Nudler Israeli is a senior executive, experienced in all aspects of micro and macro management in a global company including HR, Finance, projects management, marketing and senior management up to VP level.
Hadas demonstrated Management and leadership in different environments including Defense organizations, government offices, governmental companies and private companies – Prime Minister’s office, ministry of finance (including privatization and structural changes of government companies), Israel Aerospace Industry, IAI liaison office (India) and Stark Aerospace (USA).

Hadas is a creative-outside-the-box thinker, a decisive decision maker with High ability to plan and implement organizational strategy and complex projects; Strong Ability to prioritize, adapt to a rapidly changing environment and balance multiple responsibilities. Hadas has a rare ability to solve problems with creative and flexible thinking and execution; She has strong personality and integrity, excellent interpersonal relations, and possesses a constant strive for excellence.

Hadas holds M.A degree in Organization Studies, Hebrew University (2001) and B.A degree in Macro Economics, Bar-Ilan University (1998), with honors.

Hadas is married to Dor and has three adorable children: Or, Yuli and Jonathan, leaving in Columbus, MS. Hadas divides her passion to life, among her family and friends, volunteering and Sport.