Guy Mizrahi (Marom)

Guy Mizrahi is a skilled hacker, father of two, co-founder and CEO of Cyberia advanced cyber solutions ltd and co-founder CyberHat.

Cyberia is Elta’s (IAI subsidiary) Cyber accessibility center and Cyberhat is a private cyber security services provider. Guy has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Cyber security, Cyber Intelligence and Cyber-offense methodologies.

Guy’s Cyber Intelligence background include working with government’s intelligence agencies all over the world, identify need and describe the future capabilities needed in order to stay a leader in this challenging market. Guy has experience, know-how and creativity.

Guy is one of the leading hackers in Israel. Founded more than 10 years ago a blog named “Zull, Hackers blog”, founded, wrote courses (“Hacking defined advanced”, “Cyber warfare defense and attack”, parts of See-Security’s CISO course). Guy has unique knowledge about the Cyber-Crime market, hacktivism and the DarkNet. Past: Special consultant for Israel’s leading technology Intelligence unit, Cyber research team leader for Elbit systems.