Eyal Levy

Eyal Levy is the head of the Homeland Security (HLS) sector at the Israel Export Institute.

Eyal’s main responsibility is to scout and match Israeli innovation with global players as well as to identify business opportunities worldwide for the Israeli exporters in the HLS sector. This position requires a thorough understanding of what the majority of 500+ companies have to offer in terms of technology, target markets and business plans. He is highly knowledgeable with the Israeli HLS Sector strengths and trends. In addition, Eyal is frequently giving talks on the subject as well as leading business delegations abroad.

The countless inquiries and discussions with industry experts and decision makers, combined with the implied need to stay up-to-date on both innovative and traditional technologies, have gained him a high level of understanding on the security threats with which a wide variety of end-users are faced, while also being able to quickly assess and pinpoint the best available solutions to tackle them.