Dean Weber

Dean started SHEnetics with a passion spanning over 20 years to create a virtual assistant that works from all the devices you use every day. He is a serial entrepreneur and inventor with extensive voice technology, artificial intelligence and human machine interface experience in the mobile and telecom industries. He is a proven leader with a successful track record in launching leading edge technology and solutions. Dean has broad international experience including launching next generation Dialtone 2.0 services throughout Mexico and India. Dean brings strong IP experience with patents sold to Apple and is referenced on patents from numerous industry leaders. In the late 1990s, Dean founded One Voice Technologies which launched the industry’s first virtual assistant. His background includes software development at Xerox, United Technologies (Hamilton Standard Space & Sea Systems) and Northrop Grumman with a DOD top secret clearance on the NASA Spacesuit, Space Station and US Air Force B-2 stealth bomber projects.