Daniel R. Weinfeld

Mr. Weinfeld is responsible for $2.2 billion dollars in annual procurement activity on behalf of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). His duties include:

  • Negotiate and draft procurement agreements for MOD, IDF, and affiliated entities, including purchase of military hardware, vehicles, aviation and avionics equipment, research, state-of-the–art communications, imaging and anti-terror technology, software systems, medical equipment, and construction/infrastructure projects.
  • Advise MOD and IDF representatives regarding compliance with U.S. Government regulations and policies, including U.S. Commerce and State Department export/import regulations (ITAR); U.S. Department of Defense procurement policies, including U.S. Foreign Military Financing & Sales program (FMF/FMS), audit requirements, and communications with U.S. Government officials.
  • Advise MOD officials regarding operational issues, including electronic contracting, website content, taxation, immigration, real estate, insurance, diplomatic/consular status and personnel issues.