Dani Naveh

Mr. Naveh brings deep understanding of international healthcare systems and regulations. He is the founder and general managing partner of Agate, and a board member of Ilex Medical, and its affiliate Medtechnika, the largest medical, marketing group, in Israel, traded, on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE).

Prior to founding Agate, Mr. Naveh served in several governmental positions, including Israel’s Minister of Health, (2003-2006). He led the national health system’s post recession turnaround and implemented several advanced healthcare reforms. Mr. Naveh served as a member of the ‘kneset’-Israel’s Parliament (1999-2007) and was a member of the Foreign Affairs & Defense, Constitution and Law & Justice Committees. He served as Cabinet Secretary (1996-1998) and accumulated experience in managing international governmental activities. He headed the negotiations steering committee with the Palestinians, and was a key player in the dialog with the US Government.

Before he was elected to public office, Mr. Naveh was a senior manager in the largest health service provider (HMO) in Israel (Clalit health fund). At Clalit, he was responsible for the service and purchase fields.

Mr. Naveh has a LLB from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and was called to the Israeli Bar in 1986.