Dale Buckner

Dale Buckner is the President of Global Guardian, LLC in Arlington, Virginia. He has been leading Global Guardian since its inception in March 2012 and is directly responsible for the day-to-day operations and its growth.

He is a decorated Combat-Commander with multiple combat tours and classified operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia, Haiti and Cuba and executed deployments to Russia, El Salvador, Honduras, Chile, Panama, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Dale served in the United States Army Infantry (9 years), Military Intelligence (2 years), and Special Forces Green Berets (13 years). He commanded 5 organizations including an Infantry Reconnaissance Platoon, Special Forces Scuba Team, Special Force Counter- Terrorism Team, a Special Forces Counter-Terrorism Task Force, and a Special Troops Battalion.

After his last Combat Command, Dale attended the Senior Service College at Tufts University (Law and Diplomacy) and then concluded his career as the Chief of Staff, Deputy Command – Army, NATO Training Mission – Afghanistan, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Dale was the youngest officer in his cohort to be promoted to Colonel (promoted 3 times ahead of peers – top 1% of the Officer Corps) and commanded combat troops for a total of 13 years of his 24 year career. Dale has Master’s Degrees in Public Administration, Business Administration and a Masters Certificate in Strategic Leadership from Cornell. Dale is currently attending Walden University in pursuit of a PHD in Finance.

Dale earned a total of 27 awards and decorations highlighted by his combat Bronze Star Medal and Defense Meritorious Service Medal.